What's a dynamic website?

Dynamic websites use more complex code than static websites. The layout and the page content are created separately. The content is stored in a database. Words, numbers, and images are stored as unique elements in the database and put together to be displayed on a page only if asked. This allows you to provide individual information to the user and let them personalize the content according to their preferences.

Go with a dynamic website when
  • You want to sell products or services online
  • You want to interact with your users and offer them some online-services such as user-accounts, user rating and communities.
  • You want to provide different content to different users
  • You want to let users personalize the content or the layout
  • You want to give access to more people who can edit the website with different permissions

Features of a dynamic website
  • Websites design & Theme Development
  • Ability of adding unlimited content
  • Management of the members' list
  • Logged in visitors can review the content
  • Newsletters sending
  • Image Gallery
  • Contact form
  • Site-map
  • Basic tasks for web-site's security
  • Basic tasks for web-site's search optimization
  • 100% Responsive (Device Friendly - Mobile, Tablet, Desktop etc.)