Library management Software

Library Management Software Features

Attractive Dashboard
  • Daily sales details
  • Monthly & yearly sales report
  • Total revenue, cost, tax details
  • Latest order details
  • Recently added Books
  • Store summary eg: Total Product, Order, Invoice, Customer
  • Multiple Branch accounts reports

Purchase Manager
  • Add new supplier
  • Manage all supplier
  • Purchase product from supplier
  • Purchase invoice generate
  • Supplier history with purchase record

Customer Management
  • Add new customer
  • Manage all supplier
  • Manage your all customer
  • Customer discount setup

Product Management
  • Create book category/subcategory
  • Add book in store
  • book general rate, special offer
  • Manage product inventory
  • book barcode generate facility

Due Collection Management
  • Customer Due Adjustment
  • Customer Dues Collection
  • Pay Supplier Dues

Order Management
  • Add new order
  • Barcode scanner / search book by barcode number
  • You can select customer for new order procedure
  • If the customer has discount it will apply
  • Auto Tax/Vat calculation
  • Order and invoice number generate

Report Generate
  • Sales report generate
  • Daily, Monthly/Customize sales report
  • Purchase report generate
  • Transaction Report
  • Product Report
  • It will show your purchase history with supplier

Human Resource (HR) Management
  • Employee Profile Management
  • Employee Payroll Management
  • Time-sheets & Attendance Management

System Administration
  • Multiple User access System
  • User profile setting
  • Id password change
  • Software Data Back-Up System